From The Pastor's Desk

It is here at St. Peter Baptist Church, that the spirit of the Lord has been a beacon for generations past, present and for the future. God has called us to a higher calling that stands as a vessel through which men and women boys and girls might be saved.

The preached word is the foundation for every worship experience. This has been the strenght that those who come, leave with an inner feeling that God is able.

We invite you to worship with us if you are visiting our city or state. We encourage the depressed, down trodden, the Ill and the unsaved to find favor in this house of Prayer. Your presence will be held in the utmost and highest esteem.

St. Peter is a family of baptized believers in Christ. Our aim and goal is to persevere to a mark of higher calling that is in Christ Jesus.

We welcome you to be a witness in our midst.

Pastor Van Smith, Jr.